SeeBlocks Kits

SeeBlocks offer a cost-effective way to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the Electronics classroom.  They are intuitive to use and improve understanding of the theory by making practical experimentation easy.
Learners do not have to spend their limited classroom time trying to make their Breadboard circuits work, but can rather spend more time experimenting with different component values and different components in their circuits and learn more this way.

SeeBlocks Kit 1

SeeBlocks Kit 1 contains the basic components to get you started to learn the Fundamentals of Electronics and Electricity

Kit 1 is required for the following of our Online courses: EE Fundamentals, Electrical Power & Energy, Circuits & Components

  • Power V+  x 1
  • Power V-  x 1
  • Power Vbat-  x 2
  • Power Vbat+  x 2
  • Power Voltage Regulator  x 1
  • Power Current Regulator  x 1
  • LED Red  x 4
  • Diode  x 1
  • Capacitor 10uF  x 1
  • Capacitor 100uF  x 1
  • Buzzer Electro-Mechanical  x 1
  • Prototyping Block  x 2
  • Resistor 100R   x 2
  • Resistor 300R   x 2
  • Resistor 500R   x 2
  • Resistor 1K   x 2
  • Resistor 3K   x 2
  • Resistor 5K   x 2
  • Resistor 10K  x 2
  • Resistor LDR   x 1
  • Resistor NTC 2K   x 1
  • Resistor POT 10K   x 1
  • Transistor BJT NPN  x 1
  • Transistor BJT PNP  x 1
  • Switch Pressbutton  x 1
  • Switch Touchpad  x 1
  • Wire Bend  x 4
  • Wire Cross  x 4
  • Wire Joint  x 4
  • Wire Link  x 10
  • Wire T-junction  x 6
  • SeeBlocks Bases  x 2

SeeBlocks Kit 2

SeeBlocks Kit 2 will add to your circuit building capabilities with more advanced components for experimenting with Semiconductors and Digital Electronics

Kit 2 is required for the following of our Online courses: Semiconductor Fundamentals, Digital Fundamentals

  • Capacitor 22uF  x 1
  • Diode Dual Series  x 1
  • Dispay 7-Segment  x 1
  • Power-IC LM317 Regulator  x 1
  • Switch DIP  x 1
  • Prototyping 2×2  x 1
  • Logic Gate AND + NAND  x 1
  • Logic Gate BUF + NOT  x 1
  • Logic Gate OR + NOR  x 1
  • Logic Gate XOR  x 1
  • Logic-IC BCD-to-7Segment Driver x 1
  • Wire Bend  x 3
  • Wire Cross  x 3
  • Wire Joint  x 3
  • Wire Link  x 4
  • Wire T-junction  x 2
  • SeeBlocks Bases  x 2

SeeBlocks Kit 3

SeeBlocks Kit 3 contains more advanced components for experimenting with Electro-Magnetism and Wireless Communications

Kit 3 is required for the following of our Online courses: Electro-magnetism Fundamentals, Wireless Communication Fundamentals

  • Resistor 1K  x 2
  • Inductor 1MH  x 2 
  • Solar Panel +6V  x 1
  • Solar Panel Ground  x 1
  • Motor 3VDC x  1
  • Reed Switch  x 1
  • Relay DPDT  x 1
  • Sensor Magnetic Hall-effect  x 1
  • BJT NPN  x 1
  • BJT PNP  x 1
  • Mosfet N-channel Depletion  x 1
  • Mosfet P-channel Depletion  x 1
  • SeeBlocks Bases  x 2

Please note:  We are continuously refining and improving the SeeBlocks Kits.  For this reason, the specific component blocks in each SeeBlocks kit may change at any time.

SeeBlocks Electronics & Electricity Courses

  • Our supplementary videos and educational content will enrich your learning and illuminate the world of Electronics and Electricity for anyone interested to understand Engineering.  The SeeBlocks Kits come with a free introductory set of videos and content to get you started.
  • For those who want to learn more and begin their journey to becoming an engineer, we have a whole ecosystem of paid courses.  Our award-winning courses utilise experiential learning with simple explainer videos, followed by questions, math problems to solve and practical experiments using the SeeBlocks.
  • In EE Fundamentals you will learn about Current, Voltage, Resistance and Ohm’s Law.
  • Build on your basic understanding by learning about Electrical Power & Energy, Circuits & Components, Semiconductors, Digital Fundamentals, Electro-magnetism, Wireless Communications and more.

Test Instruments

For the SeeBlocks courses you will require certain basic test instruments to measure your circuits and do the experiments. Though we can supply this selection of meters, you may use any suitable test instruments.

SeeBlocks Measuring Kit 1

Required for EE Fundamentals Course

(Any basic Multimeter will work)

auto-ranging AC/DC digital multimeter

Basic Digital Multimeter: ET8102


  • AC/DC Voltage, Current & Resistance
  • Capacitance
  • Diode
  • Continuity Test
  • Frequency
  • True RMS
  • Backlight
  • NVC
  • Data Hold
  • Max/min
  • Auto Off
  • Temperature
  • Square-Wave Output 
  • Flashlight

SeeBlocks Measuring Kit 2

Needed for SeeBlocks Courses beyond EE Fundamentals

low-cost basic digital oscilloscope

Basic Digital Oscilloscope: DSO-150


  • 1MHz bandwidth
  • 1MS/s sampling speed
  • 1 Channel
Cheap DIY signal generator

Basic Function Generator: XR2066


  • 1MHz Frequency Output
  • Sine/Triangle/Square Wave
  • Output 1Hz~1MHz
  • Adjustable Frequency Amplitude

SeeBlocks Measuring Kit 3

Combines and replaces functionality of Measuring Kit 1 and 2
– Future-proof for SeeBlocks EE Fundamentals and beyond

Hantek-2D72 handheld oscilloscope

Hantek2D42 All-in-One Tester
with Digital Oscilloscope, Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Digital Multimeter


  • 40MHz bandwidth, 2-Channel Oscilloscope
  • Sample Rate: 250MS/s
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator Mode: 1Hz~25MHz
  • Multimeter 600V, 10A
  • Multimeter measures Voltage, Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode & On-Off

Get full Specifications here on our Test Equipment site.

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