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Electronics Fundamentals Course

Utilise your Skills Development Levies (SDL) budget to upskill your technical workers with workplace-relevant skills, on-site and in your own time.  EWSETA accredited classes will give your workers a basic but thorough understanding of Electricity & Electronics.

Why SeeBlocks technical training?

– Workers gain technical skills that directly benefit the company.
– On-site and Self-paced Learning
– Workers earn EWSETA-accredited Unit Standards
– Claim back Skills Development Levies


We have won both local and international Awards for our unique patented method of Electronics Training, which combines Theory and continuous Experimentation to ensure optimal Learning Outcomes


Who can benefit

The SeeBlocks course is for any company employing workers in a technical field, who will benefit from at least a basic understanding of the abstract principles of electricity in their day-to-day work.
Factory and mining workers, technicians and salespersons are examples of people who will benefit from the SeeBlocks Electricity Fundamentals course.

  • The concepts are explained in simple visual videos drawing on real-world examples, followed by questions and consolidated with practical experiments. This ensures true understanding and the ability to apply knowledge in practice.
  • The learning material is self-paced, guiding the workers through the course, each at their own pace.
  • The Electricity & Electronics Fundamentals course takes about 3 months with 1 hour of training per week, and the worker can earn EWSETA Accredited Unit Standards.

How the classes work

  • The technical skills development courses is done online on our e-learning platform, using our SeeBlocks circuit builder for the practical experiments.
  • All it requires is 1 hour per week for each worker training.
  • Workers work at their own pace, gaining technical skills that will benefit them and the company.
  • The content is packed with practical experiments where they have to apply the principles learned.
  • The company gets monthly Progress Reports for each worker.
  • The Fundamentals of Electricity and Electronics course should take about 3 months of weekly sessions to complete.
  • We also offer a Soldering Skills course where the workers will learn to identify and solder the different types of electronic components.

Benefits for the Company

  • Training is on-site, and only takes 1 hour of the worker’s time per week, fit into their work schedule.
  • Practical hands-on and self-paced learning.
  • Companies get a tax break on SDL spent.
    Workers get credits for the relevant EWSETA Unit Standards.
  • With the individual progress tracking and reporting the employer can identify workers with untapped potential.
  • After 3 months of weekly training sessions, the end result is a more skilled, knowledgeable worker.
  • Or why not sponsor promising young people to do the course, using your CSI budget?  That way you can earn BBBEE points while also identifying promising potential future employees.

Skills Development levy Claimback

If your company payroll is more than R500,000 per year, you are paying 1% of your payroll towards SDL.
You can claim back 20% of this spent on Accredited workplace skills development.
Seebox is EWSETA accredited, Skills Provider ID KXMENER170519101.

About claiming your Skills Development Levies back.
How to register as a Skills Development Facilitator.
More info on SDL.

How to claim back SDLs

Register with your particular Sector Education & Training Authority (SETA).
Decide what training would strategically benefit your organisation and your employees best.
Put together a training plan for the year.
Compile and submit a Workplace Skills Plan to your SETA.
Thereafter each year you will submit a Workplace Skills Plan and an Annual Training Report.
It is possible to get additional grants – have a look at your SETA’s website.

SeeBlocks is an affordable solution for Technical Workplace Skills Development.


Can I claim a SETA Grant for my Workplace Training?

Few companies know that it is not necessary for a training program or workshop to be accredited in order for the company to claim a SETA grant.

According to the Government Gazette No.9867, Vol.570 of 3 December 2012, No.35940, a SETA must allocate a mandatory grant to a levy paying employer who:

  • has submitted a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) by the regulated date;
  • has provided all the information required in the regulated template; and
  • is up to date with their Skills Levy Payments.

Employers are referred to “Section C: Skills Development” in the Regulations.  This provides for employers to include ALL PLANNED TRAINING in the report and not only accredited training programmes.

building circuits with SeeBlocks Circuit Builder
individual seeblock component block