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Making Electronics & Circuit Building as easy as building puzzles!  

SeeBlocks Circuit Builder kits come with fun and easy explainer videos to learn Electronics & Electricity

Our Online courses full of training videos & educational content will open the world of Electronics to you

Who is SeeBlocks for?

SeeBlocks is for anyone who wants to learn Electronics, from children as young as 13 in School or Homeschool, to Tertiary students, Hobbyists & Makers and for Technical Workplace Skills Training.

learners learning electronics with SeeBlocks Circuit Builder System

What is SeeBlocks

SeeBlocks is an innovative new way of building electronic circuits by integrating the abstract symbols and the actual circuit boards into one.
LED Red SeeBlock
SeeBlocks comes with an optional fun and easy ecosystem of explainer videos to teach the field of Electronics and Electricity in an engaging way.

SeeBlocks bridges the gap between theory and practice, with tight integration of courses and practical circuit building.

individual seeblock component block

Practical Circuit Builder

SeeBlocks makes building electronic circuits as simple as building puzzles.  The blocks, each with a single electronic component and its symbol, fit together like a puzzle to allow electricity-flow.
A completed SeeBlocks circuit looks just like the circuit diagram in a book.  As you read the symbolic circuit you build the actual circuit at the same time – one block at a time – easy!

The SeeBlocks Kits

Each Kit consists of up to 50 component blocks and 2 SeeBlocks bases and comes with sample circuits to get you started.  The kits build onto each other, adding more components for building ever larger and more advanced circuits.
With hours of simple explainer videos, our optional e-learning courses will set you on the path to understanding Electronics.  Learn Electronics in your own time and pace.

Build electronic circuit quick and easy with SeeBlocks Circuit Builder System
learning electronics with SeeBlocks Circuit Builder System

Creators of the Award-winning Seebox

After creating the award-winning Seebox engineering education solution, we came to understand the technical training environment and specifically schools’ challenges very well.
We wanted to make circuit-building as easy as child’s play, and so the SeeBlocks was created.  We also took our awesome Seebox electronics training videos and made them available as an online course to use with the SeeBlocks Circuit Builder kits.  Two free courses get you started with circuit-building right away.

Passionate about Education

SeeBlocks was born from our passion for engineering education.  Many educators told us that the practical component of Electrical & Electronic Technology is especially challenging to learners.
We knew there had to be a better way to  build electronic circuits.  The actual building of the circuit should not be a barrier to understanding Electronics, but rather should enlighten & illuminate the subject for the learner.  It was with this goal in mind that we set out to make circuit-building easier.  SeeBlocks is the result – better, easier, intuitive circuit building!

Training a Generation of Engineers for the Future

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