SeeBlocks Classes in Electronics

learners building circuits with SeeBlocks Circuit Builder System

CAPS-Aligned Technology Classes

Our e-Learning classes guide the learner to understand Electricity and Electronics by means of simple
videos, questions and practical experiments.

Why SeeBlocks for Electronics Classes?

– CAPS-aligned Electronic Technology classes.
– Self-paced Learning.
– Intregrated practical experiments.
– Experiential learning results in better understanding.


We have won both local and international Awards for our unique patented method of teaching Electronics, which combines Theory and continuous Experimentation to ensure optimal Learning Outcomes


Who can take SeeBlocks Online Classes

The SeeBlocks e-learning courses are for anyone eager to learn the basics of Electronics and Electricity:

  • Schools offering technical subjects
  • Homeschoolers
  • Learners requiring remedial or supplementary learning in Electronic or Electrical Technology
  • Enthusiasts and Hobbyists wishing to learn Electronics
  • Children interested in studying Engineering in future

SeeBlocks Classes at Home

Give your child the advantage and prepare them better for the technological future they will have to face.  
Our online e-learning courses will enable your child to learn electronics at home, at their own pace and time. The self-paced and gamified sessions are aimed at children from age 13 (though we have had some 11-year olds loving them).
SeeBlocks classes are for the inquisitive learner with an interest in engineering and electronics and will prepare them for success in their engineering studies.

How the classes work

  • Classes are done online on our e-learning platform, using our SeeBlocks circuit builder for the practical experiments.
  • The concepts are explained in simple visual videos drawing on real-world examples, followed by questions and consolidated with practical experiments.  
  • Practical hands-on and self-paced learning – each learner works at their own pace.
  • The content is packed with experiments where they have to apply the principles learned.  This ensures true understanding and the ability to apply knowledge in practice.

Benefits for the School

  • SeeBlocks enable schools to offer the technical subjects of Electrical, Digital & Electronic Technology without a trained technical teacher.
  • No need for costly practical labs or dedicated workbenches. 
  • The practical experiments only require a basic multimeter, student oscilloscope and wave generator.   We can also supply these if you need.
  • Continuous evaluation via lots of quizzes.
  • Easily set up and draw reports of each learner’s progress.
  • The teacher can set up tests and examinations directly on the system, and the system will automatically grade the learner. 

What Parents and Experts say about our Classes

  • “Our son is currently 13 and really likes the informal manner in which he can learn very interesting facts through the SeeBlocks Electronics classes. He enjoys that the learning process is self-paced and his favourite part is to do the practical experiments. From the parent’s perspective, the learning material is systematic & structured and uses visualization to explain the concepts effectively. The practical application built into the programme helps to ensure that the concepts are understood.” – Emetia, Parent

  • “I have seen the SeeBlocks Circuit Builder in use and the excitement that it brought to my Grade 7 learners. We are dealing with a technologically savvy generation, who are eager to learn from and engage with game-based technology.” – Don Angus, Science Teacher
  • “Our son has insisted for many years that he wants to be an aircraft engineer. And we found that SeeBlocks is the perfect way to introduce him to the electronics world. He thoroughly enjoys the sessions that he attends and can’t wait to go each week. The facilitators are great and encourage him to solve problems on his own, but are there to assist whenever needed. The SeeBlocks experience has been fantastic so far and we would highly recommend kids with an interest in electronics and engineering to participate.” – Anne, Parent
  • “SeeBlocks makes sure the learner understands the concepts of electronics, it is not just parrot-style learning.” – Rassie van der Merwe, Retired engineer and electronics teacher.


SeeBlocks is an affordable solution for learning Technical subjects like Electrical and Electronics Technology


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