Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about Seeblocks

Do you need anything besides the SeeBlocks to get started ?

You can build working circuits with only the kit itself and a power source – either a 9V battery or USB power.  The LEDs and buzzer-component blocks will give you feedback on whether you have successfully completed your circuit.
To fully utilise the SeeBlocks you need a basic multimeter to take measurements of your circuit.  We can also supply basic test instruments.

What is the minimum recommended age for SeeBlocks ?

SeeBlocks can be used by anyone of any age with an interest in Electronics.  That said, typically learners are able to grasp the abstract concepts of electronics from around age 12 or 13.
SeeBlocks is not a toy but a useful tool in building real working electronic circuits, and as such are also useful for tertiary students and adult hobbyists & Makers. 

What if you accidentally damage some of your SeeBlocks ?

Damaging components is a normal, even necessary part of the process of experimentation and learning.  We specifically did not put protection on the individual blocks, as you need to experience the effects of mistakes to learn electronics.
If you accidentally have a connector-nut come off, it can easily be soldered back on in place to fix the component block.

Can you buy individual SeeBlocks ?

We have certain common components like LEDs available in packs to add to or replace your individual SeeBlocks when damaged or lost.
Individual SeeBlocks bases are also available for you to expand the size of your circuits.

Do the different kits work together ?

The kits were designed to be complementary to each other, and they all work together.

Can you start with any of the different kits ?

You need to start with Kit 1 as it contains all the basic components you will need to build a wide variety of circuits.  The kits progress in complexity and all require the basic building blocks for building a circuit that Kit 1 contains.

Can the electrical current in SeeBlocks deliver an electric shock to the user ?

SeeBlocks utilise low voltage electronics that contain magnets.  All of our kits go through the same safety testing and may be used at a parent or educator’s discretion for ages 8 and up.
They use 9V batteries or USB as a power source, which cannot put out currents high enough to deliver an electric shock.

What if you cannot get your circuit to work ?

As with any kind of circuit building, you will need to identify where the problem lies.  Start by pressing down all the different component blocks to make sure they are all making good contact with the magnets.  Also make sure that all the connectors are properly aligned so that there is electrical contact between each block.  A block that is not well aligned and at the same level as the others is an indication that it could be the problem.
We have a section in our LMS to assist in Troubleshooting SeeBlocks Circuits.

How do you measure your circuit ?

You can measure the voltage and current at any contact point on the nuts with the help of a multimeter.  We have a free instruction video on our LMS teaching you to take measurements in the circuit.  Any basic multimeter will do, but we can supply the ET8102 Multimeter.

Does the SeeBlocks kits require any Maintenance ?

The magnets in the SeeBlocks bases can over time develop a residue which could interfere with the electrical connection between the individual SeeBlocks.
Simply lightly scrub your bases with a nailbrush or toothbrush under warm running water to fix the problem.

How does SeeBlocks differ from other electronics educational systems like robotics kits, low-cost single-board computers and electronic simulation software ?​

Robotics kits and single-board computers focus only on software development. They are useful for fostering an interest in engineering, but do not teach the underlying principles of Electrical engineering, and thus do not prepare learners for engineering studies.  Yet electronics is the basis that all software runs on.
SeeBlocks are physical and tangible, helping to remove the barrier between theory and practice.  It is not limited to a library of virtual components that exist only in software.
SeeBlocks together with our online courses create a deep understanding of the fundamentals, which prepares learners for engineering studies.

What is the difference between the SeeBlocks' way of developing engineers and scientists and all the educational apps out there ?

Problem-solving ability cannot be taught from a book or by passively watching videos. It must be practised until you become good at it. So SeeBlocks puts the focus on practical experiments to engage the learner and develop problem-solving by experimentation.
This is different from presenting a learner with information in the form of only a video or text and then testing that knowledge by having the learner recall it during an exam.  Studies have shown that the sciences are best taught by means of experiential learning, the integration of theory and lots of practice.

Should learners not rather be handling real wires to practice building electronic circuits ?

The aim of SeeBlocks is to lower the barrier for learners to gain practical experience in building electronic circuits.  Once they have a proper understanding of the principles of electricity and electronics facilitated by the SeeBlocks, they can progress to working with wires and PCBs.
Also, SeeBlocks kits contain a number of protoboards, onto which learners can solder their chosen components, and thereby get an introduction to soldering skills and working with wires.

Does SeeBlocks teach coding ?

SeeBlocks teaches about electricity and electronics.  Though coding is an important subset of Electronic engineering, learning the fundamentals of electricity and electronics is the starting point to becoming a professional electical engineer.  Learning the fundamentals of Electronics will train one to start thinking in the way required to handle logic, whic is also important in coding. 

How does the SeeBlocks courses fit into Workplace Technical Skills Development ?

The SeeBlocks courses are suitable for any company employing workers in a technical field, who will benefit from at least a basic understanding of the abstract principles of electricity in their day-to-day work. Factory and mining workers, technicians and salespersons are examples of people who will benefit from the SeeBlocks Electricity Fundamentals course.  For more info Read here.

Is SeeBlocks only for schools or companies? What about other environments like home use ?

SeeBlocks and the Online courses can be used in any environment where learning happens, eg. schools, the home, public libraries, learning centres, non-profit centres, government training programs and corporate in-job training facilities.

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