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With any new innovation, there are always the early adopters, those special people who are able to identify and run with a new and better solution to doing things.  We are proud to count among our customers the following individuals, institutions and companies.

  • Free State Department of Education
  • EMS Industries
  • AECI Group
  • Various parents and Homeschoolers

EEVBlog first impressions Video


Here Dave of EEVBlog gives his first impressions of the SeeBlocks Circuit Builder System. 

As an early-stage startup we thought Dave’s comments were fair and we have taken on board some of his suggestions.  We would like to respond to his comments one by one:

1. Loose connections
Dave was not convinced that the electrical connections was sturdy enough and the LED lighted intermittantly when bumping the circuit around.  An electrical circuit for experimentation is not meant to be bumped around.  Despite him bumping around the circuit, it resumed working everytime he steadied it.  What was perhaps not clear from a first glance is that the SeeBlocks bases were designed to allow the magnets to move somewhat and reposition themselves in order to maintain electrical connections even when the nuts aren’t perfectly aligned. 

2. Individual SeeBlocks bases too small
We made the SeeBlocks bases to be small enough to fit into a compact case in order to be carried around or packed away easily. If the bases rest on a normal sturdy table or desk surface there is absolutely no issues with electrical connections.
Another advantage of the smaller bases is that you can incrementally expand your circuit board to however large you want to by simply placing more bases next to the existing ones.

3. DIY Circuits content on the Online LMS: individual sample circuits lack explanations  
Though the DIY Circuits course is only meant to stimulate experimentation and the paid courses cover the theory of circuits extensively, we have taken on board his suggestion, and will add explanations and/or videos of the functioning of each circuit shortly.

4. Nuts coming off blocks
As is typical in new innovations, the development road is not always without challenges. 
In our first limited production run we encountered a problem with some nuts coming off the individual SeeBlocks.  We have worked on a solution and are confident that this issue has been resolved and will not be a problem going forward.

5. Symbols for Junctions vs. Crosses
In the free “Getting started with SeeBlocks” course we have a section explaining the symbols for junctions vs. crosses.  We went with the international standard for these symbols in a circuit diagram and stand by it.

6. Soldering courses
We are in the process of creating a course on Through-hole and SMD soldering and will add that together with the solder board to our paid courses soon.

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