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How to build your first circuit with SeeBlocks



A short video to show you how to build your very first simple circuit with SeeBlocks Circuit Builder

Resistor Combinations

Your SeeBlocks Kit 1 comes with 2 blocks each of 7 different resistor blocks. By stacking 2 resistor blocks on top of each other you essentially connect them in parallel and this gives you an additional 24 resistor values. By connecting them side by side in a series configuration you will get an addition 24 values. Thus, by combining any 2 of the 14 resistor blocks in the right way you can get any one of a total of 48 additional values. Note that 'R' means "Ohm" and "K" means "kilo Ohm".

Parallel Combinational Resistor Values

  • 50R   (100R//100R) 
  • 75R   (100R//300R)
  • 83R   (100R//500R)
  • 91R   (100R//1K)
  • 150R   (300R//300R)
  • 188R   (300R//500R)
  • 231R   (300R//1K)
  • 250R   (500R//500R)
  • 273R   (300R//3K)
  • 283R   (300R//5K)
  • 333R   (500R//1K)
  • 429R   (500R//3K)
  • 455R   (500R//5K)
  • 476R   (500R//10K)
  • 500R   (1K//1K)
  • 750R   (1K//3K)
  • 833R   (1K//5K)
  • 909R   (1K//10K)
  • 1.5K   (3K//3K)
  • 1.875K   (3K//5K)
  • 2.3K   (3K//10K)
  • 2.5K   (5K//5K)
  • 3.3K   (5K//10K)
  • 5K   (10K//10K)

Series Combinational Resistor Values

  • 200R   (100R+100R)
  • 400R   (100R+300R)
  • 600R   (300R+300R)
  • 800R   (300R+500R)
  • 1.1K   (100R+1K)
  • 1.3K   (300R+1K)
  • 1.5K   (500R+1K)
  • 2K   (1K+1K)
  • 3.1K   (100R+3K)
  • 3.3K   (300R+3K) 
  • 3.5K   (500R+3K)
  • 4K   (1K+3K)
  • 5.1K   (100R+5K)
  • 5.3K   (300R+5K)
  • 5.5K   (500R+5K)
  • 6K   (1K+5K)
  • 8K   (3K+5K)
  • 10.1K   (100R+10K)
  • 10.3K   (300R+10K)
  • 10.5K   (500R+10K)
  • 11K   (1K+10K)
  • 13K   (3K+10K)
  • 15K   (5K+10K)
  • 20K   (10K+10K)

How to measure Charging and Discharging Capacitors with an Oscilloscope


Attempting to measure a charging or discharging Capacitor in a circuit with a Multimeter is not the best way to get a clear understanding of the effect of the capacitor on your circuit.

Here we show you how easy it is to measure this effect with a basic Oscilloscope.

Here we list some cool Physics resources out there for your to try

Phyphox is a cool free app that turns your smartphone into a Physics mobile lab.  It uses the sensors on your phone to measure things like magnetism, gravity, light, pressure, acceleration and more.  Search on the App store for Phyphox, or Download it from the Android App store.

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