Hantek2D42 Tester

Hantek2D42 All-in-One Multitester with 2-channel 40MHz Digital Oscilloscope, Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Digital Multimeter


3-in-1 Handheld Oscilloscope, Multimeter & Wave Generator

The Hantek-2D42 is a handheld mini-oscilloscope, Multimeter and Signal Generator in one handy multitester format.  The Hantek2D42 is lightweight and compact with low power consumption.  It has a USB-C charging interface and charges in 2 hours for a full day of usage.  This multi-purpose tester has a high-resolution colour-LCD screen and minimalist keyboard design.  The ideal electronic tester for the beginner, fieldwork and as a handy tester on your desk.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bandwidth: 40MHz
  • Sample Rate: 250MSa/s (Single-channel), 125MSa/s (Dual-channel)
  • Record Length: Max. 6K for single-channel; 3K samples per dual-channel
  • SEC/DIV Range: 5ns/div~500s/div 1, 2, 5 sequence
  • Volts/div Range: 10mV/div~10V/divat input BNC
  • Low Frequency Response (-3db): ≤10Hz at BNC
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator Mode: 1Hz~25MHz
  • DMM: 4000 Counts, Voltage, Current, Resistance, Capacitance, Diode & On-Off
  • DMM: AC:600V, DC: 800V, AC: 10A, DC:10A
  • DMM Input Impedance: 10MΩ
  • DMM DC Voltage: 400mV ~ 600V
  • DMM AC Voltage: 4V ~ 600V
  • DMM DC/DC Current: 40mA ~ 10A
  • DMM Resistance: 400Ω ~ 40MΩ
  • DMM Capacitance: 40nF ~ 100uF
  • DMM Diode: 0V ~ 1.0V
  • Display: 2.8 inch 64K colour TFT

Product features:

  • Oscilloscope + Waveform Generator + Multimeter.
  • Intelligent charging control: Its lithium batteries can be charged by either high current 5V/2A or ordinary computer USB interface. Allows for use during charging.
  • Ultra-low power design: recharge of 2 hours gives a full day of use.
  • Large-capacity lithium battery power supply: 18650 replaceable lithium battery power system.
  • 5V/2A charger + Type C charging cable: Type C power + data transfer interface, can share the charger and data cable with your mobile phone.
  • AUTO one-key test: Magic tool and essential function for the test newbie.
  • Small volume, one-hand operation: The 45-degree suspension bracket design provides you with a work station anywhere anytime.
  • One key page out, quick comparison of two groups of reference waveforms + 6 groups of waveform storage, simple and effective.
  • Digital voltmeter function: automatic frequency and amplitude measurement.
  • Its cursor measurement function supports time and voltage manual measurement, and measures the required waveforms accurately.
  • One-click switching of Chinese and English language menu.
  • Colour LCD screen: displays waveforms clear and undistorted when magnified.
  • Minimalist keyboard design simplifies operation.
  • Unibody casing: fine touch feeling, good impact resistance, outstanding heat resistance, easy to disassemble.
  • Self-calibration function: free from level drift after long periods unused.
  • Universal multimeter function: voltage, current, resistance, diode, capacitor, on-off test.
  • Waveform generator output function: output sine, square, triangle, trapezoidal and other waveforms; sine up to 25MHz.
  • Video help:scan code on back of machine to get the help of video course.
  • The PC software supports Windows 7/8/10 – 32-bit and 64-bit.

The Hantek-2D42 Multi-tester Oscilloscope Package Includes:
Hantek2D42 Multitester, 1 x Oscilloscope Test Probe, 2 x Multimeter Test Leads, 2 x Crocodile Clamps, USB cable to connect oscilloscope to your PC, Power Adapter, Carry Case, User Manual, PC-Software CD.

Additional information

Dimensions 200 × 100 × 40 cm