Measuring Parallel Resistors with SeeBlocks Circuit Builder System

More about SeeBlocks Circuit Builder

An essential part of mastering Electrical and Electronic Engineering is practical circuit-building – interpreting circuit diagrams and building them in real life.

Learners find building circuits difficult because they have to interpret the circuit-diagram and then translate that to actual components, which look nothing like the symbols.  They then have to take the actual components and build the circuit on a special prototype board, called a Breadboard.  Now breadboards are a whole other challenge in itself! 
SeeBlocks remove this barrier by integrating the abstract symbols and the actual circuit boards into one easy-to-use Circuit-builder kit.

SeeBlocks are component blocks each containing one electronic component on the bottom of the block, with the symbol on the top.
The blocks fit together with an innovative locking mechanism on expandable SeeBlocks bases.  With SeeBlocks you build circuits almost like you would a puzzle, fitting together the blocks by following the symbols.

Intuitive and Simple Circuit Building

 SeeBlocks makes it easy for the learner to explore the world of science and electronics through lots of practical experimentation.

The integration of theory and practice helps the learner transition to tertiary studies in engineering with a sound basic understanding of Electronics.

SeeBlocks bridge the gap between the abstract and practice of Electronics.

SeeBlocks are packaged in kits that build on one another.  Each kit is more advanced than the previous one, and each comes with 2 bases.  Expand your SeeBlocks by adding more kits with different component blocks and more SeeBlocks bases to build more and larger circuits.

building circuits with SeeBlocks Circuit Builder
learners building circuits with SeeBlocks Circuit Builder System

SeeBlocks Electronics Courses

The real power of the SeeBlocks System lies in the online courses, teaching Electronics and Electronics in a clear and simple way.

Our explainer videos draw from the real world of physics to make the abstract concepts of electricity understandable and fun.  The videos are followed by questions and math problems.  Finally, the SeeBlocks courses guide the learner through practical experiments to see the concepts in action.

This tight integration of theory and practice, called experiential learning, is proven to facilitate true understanding and improve learner outcomes.


SeeBlocks is an affordable solution for Schools, Homeschoolers, Colleges & Universities offering Physics and Technical subjects.


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